Terrain too small, entire terrain needs to be upscaled


I have created a 6K6K terrain map as shown in the attached photo. The problem is, I’ve figured it’s too small and I may need it to be even upscaled to 14K14K.

How would I rescale this entire map as if it was a model from 6K to 14K?

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There’re plugins to convert parts to terrain, there might be an existing solution to convert terrain back into parts, which you could then group and scale, ungroup and convert back to terrain (you might need to smooth the terrain though, if this actually exists) If not, you could head to programming support and see if anyone has an idea of how to turn terrain into parts.

Otherwise, you might need to remake your terrain as a heightmap and import that to the correct scale.

This is only a guess though, someone else might come along with a smarter solution :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for the response,

I have part to terrain plugins, not sure about the vice versa or how such a thing would work. As for the latter of your message can you elaborate on it?

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Would this certainly scale the whole map in its correct form?

I’m going out on a limb here because I’ve never heard of someone resizing terrain, but you could look into ReadVoxels and WriteVoxels.

Essentially you could make a script that can be run in Studio command bar that gets terrain data, resizes it, clears the current terrain and then loads the resized one.