Terrain Tool in-game

Hey guys, well I am not really a scripter but I do have a question for my friend who is a scripter! We are wanting to implement ROBLOXs smooth terrain tool for our game, I wanted to know if it was honestly possible to put ROBLOX studio’s terrain such as paint, erode, grow, add.

It’d be fantastic to get some tips and learn how if you guys can tell me if it’s possible!

Image of what we want our game to kind of resemble when it comes to adding where players can make their own terrain

This is a cool idea, I looked into it since I saw it in another game and it is sort of possible with invisible blocks. Heads up as well, you can modify terrain colors from the normal Roblox’s default one when selecting “Terrain” in the Explorer and modifying it in Properties.

Here’s a quick link for the use of it, I saw it first in Redwood County Snow Plow update.



You shouldn’t be posting on behalf of your programmer:

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Ok. I am sorry, just trying to make a living.

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