Terrain tools broke fine-sculpting?

Recently I’ve been trying to do a rework of a map I made a couple months ago, but I ran into an interesting issue I haven’t seen before.

It seems that the new update completely broke how smooth sculpting is, resulting in being unable to properly fill this gap?

On top of that, smoothing doesn’t seem to be good at smoothing anymore?

I would post this in bug reports, but I’m not sure if this was by design or not. If there are any expert terrain users here, please let me know if you’ve gotten around this and how.

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:sweat_smile: I would suggest using a Roblox plugin for editing terrain because the terrain editor is just not the same as it was.


You should be able to fill in those gaps perfectly fine using the grow tool.
I could fill in the gaps if you would like to share the file.

The smoothing tool looks as if it is working as intended; you have air underneath the terrain, which is why the tool is cutting through the ground.
Try adding or growing terrain beneath, and then using a larger brush size + lower strength. I’ve found this works quite well.

Best of luck!


I can assure you that it’s not easy in any way shape or form. I attempt it here:

It seems I just can’t win, the V1 of this map had these gaps covered without issue.

This also isn’t really the case, smoothing before would try to blend two platforms of terrain, now it just seems to subtract it until it merges?

This is the thickness of terrain underneath where I was trying to smooth. There’s no gaps or ‘air’ underneath it.

I attempted to find a video of the smoothing tool as a point of reference for you, but it seems there isn’t really a video that covers it.

Here’s an example of how you could fill in the gaps.

I used the Subtract tool with a base size of 7 and a height of 23.


Then the smooth tool…


Perfectly flush.

Here’s an example of how you could use the smooth tool.


This is thin terrain approximate to what you have. It has a large gap and a lot of air underneath it.


The smooth tool attempts to smooth all surrounding terrain- including air- and bites a large hole into the slope.

Here is some terrain with a solid foundation:


Now when I use the smooth tool, the terrain is nicely smoothened.

Here’s what I think is the problem. This is what my terrain tools look like:

Yours look very different. I don’t know why. Maybe Roblox is doing A/B testing for the terrain editor. I’m sorry for that…

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Yeah, you have the old tools. I think I’m forced into the new terrain tools they’re testing. Which is incredibly aggravating. I thought this update was live and pushed to everyone. This makes my find for the solution ever more upsetting.

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