Terrain unusable?

Hey, so I’ve done a lot of looking up, and I haven’t found any answers, if you guys don’t mind lending some tips/advice, that would mean the absolute world to us.

So, I am currently working with a large team to make a big game, it uses an open world map but it’s getting brutally slow to make it out of parts, as we also have side maps for pvp. As far as I know, we CANNOT use teleportation with terrain, as it cannot be stored away into folders. Essentially we want to have several maps in the game but only 1 can be used at a time, in like a folder or something. This makes this game virtually impossible, and we simply don’t have the time to make this large of a map out of parts/meshes.

We would LOVE to use terrain in our game, as it looks much better, and is much easier to work with, however if it can’t cooperate with teleportation, I’m afraid we cannot.

If you can help me out, it’d mean a lot, thank you.

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The only thing I can think of doing is just having the side maps off to the side with the terrain and maybe teleport the players to the map far out if you can’t store away terrain as terrain farther away simplifies it’s geometry so it would probably not be so much of a performance burden. Also how big is your open world map? (x-studs x y-studs). Just curious as I’m making my own huge open world map at the moment using heavy terrain work and haven’t experienced much issues.

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Believe it or not but you actually can store terrain in a folder lol, Allow me introduce you to Terrain Save and Load

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Thank you for this, I’ll take some advice from this for sure.

Thanks a ton man, really big help


It is modules so it does help a lot.