Terrain Water Cannot Be Replaced

Roblox terrain water cannot be replaced using the paint tool.
Expected behavior is that when selecting Paint > Replace, Replace water with another material like cobblestone, that any water you paint over will have its voxels replaced with the chosen material. Values such as “Ignore Water” are off. Instead, trying to paint over water will either result in nothing happening, or having the water voxels be replaced with air.

[NOTE* I have a video of this issue, but the Devforums website refuses to upload it. Instead, I have uploaded it to the Top Devs Guilded on a separate escalation post]

I have used the paint tool for this purpose multiple times before, but recently it seems to have bugged out. This issue occurs on any place of mine, and happens similarly to other people. This issue has persisted for a month, but I didn’t post anything believing that it would be a short-lived bug that would be patched soon, but considering no one has posted a bug report, it might have gone unnoticed.

Howdy @Beefchoplets,

I’m moving your video from Guilded onto this thread since our engineers cannot view the Guilded.

Do you have the new terrain UI enabled in Beta Features? Just curious as I didn’t see that mentioned in your bug report, and they use slightly different codebases

Using the new terrain UI does fix it, but I dislike the interface (no offense to those who worked on it). Using it also drops my FPS by a large margin (6-15 FPS) even when it’s not open.

Unless the old Terrain UI will be completely removed and replaced by the new one, it would be greatly appreciated if this issue that only affects the old UI could be fixed.

You should report this as a separate bug, the team responsible for the terrain editor is very receptive and they can help get it sorted!

At least part of the water replacement issue should be fixed right now actually. Replacing water with a different material will be fixed later this week.

Also can you elaborate on the FPS drop? When is the last time you’ve tried the Terrain Editor beta? We are looking to fully roll out it out and replace the old one entirely, but want to make sure feedback is addressed before then.

Also what specifically do you dislike about the interface?

The original issue has been fully resolved.

Multiple times before this post was made, I used the new terrain UI, which led to consistent FPS drops. I just checked again and have faced the same problems.
Changing the Brush Size, selecting a terrain, Painting, Drawing, or using/switching to any other tool leads to a major FPS drop. This will permanently affect your FPS (even if you do nothing afterwards) until you close the Terrain UI. But once you re-open your Terrain UI (even without touching anything else within), the fps drops resume.

For the UI, it’s not bad, and “not liking” was maybe an over-exaggeration on my part. I prefer the flat image icons of terrain, instead of spherical view, like how viewing a material is portrayed in Blender, Substance Painter, and more. The spherical icons make it a bit harder to quickly differentiate the materials I’m looking at since they all have a desaturated looked, and any details are warped because it’s a spherical shape.
I do like how if you create a custom terrain MaterialVariant, it will update on the terrain UI as well. My suggestion is that the icons should revert to a flat, square, full-bright version. And possibly also portray the material colors you set it to. (For example, if you made grass white, then the grass icon in the UI will also be white).
(Image of old Pre-2022 materials, they all look gray and nearly the same, which can be difficult to tell apart)

Another quality of life change is that in addition to allowing us to resize the terrain bar to be skinnier, certain text should be clipped off. The “Position” in Pivot Position could be clipped to allow more room for the buttons. The Padding after Brush Size could be reduced to allow the size slider to be bigger. Adding in another column so it’s more full will slightly reduce the need for scrolling.

Of course, these are just my own personal opinions and suggestions, and the community could probably have an entirely different viewpoint on it. Though I think these changes will allow working with terrain to be easier. But any changes would be greatly appreciated.

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