Terrain Water Is way too demanding in my place.. Is there anything that I can do about the performance?

So I got a place that uses around 11 Billion Voxels worth of water and it’s really killing the performance… If I try to optimize the place, I’m pretty sure i would be able to cut around 1 billion more voxels at max witch wont really help… The Place uses around 20-40 gigs of ram in Roblox studio with somewhat poor performance on top of that and the Roblox client just refuses to even let you into the place… Is there anything I could do to keep the terrain water? Or do I have to resort in using parts?

(Also StreamingEnabled does not help, I’ve tried)

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There is literally no way your computer has 40 gigs of ram in it, you could try making a skinned mesh ocean, as they aren’t too costly and if you learn how to script it right, could even make functional swimming.


It does not, whenever you run out of ram it will start using the memory from the C drive as ram.

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Oh jesus, then i’m not playing high quality games anymore!

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What does 11 billion voxels even look like?

For performance just use a part and make the material glass. Odds are no one can play in your place.

It looks like well uh, a big deep baseplate made out of water or whatever your chosen material is… but its demanding!

The normal Roblox client usually caps out at 2-3 gigs of ram usage, and like 95% of roblox games use around 800 Megs to 1.5 gigs of ram… Unless you’re on a laptop with 4 gigs of ram with windows 10 and integrated graphics then you should not really worry… Also if the game is not on roblox then don’t worry, if you at least have 8 gigs of ram with a dedicated gpu with like at least 2 or 4 gigs of vram you should not see any big issue, however this is just the minimum, adding a decent chunk mods will result in massive performance drops…

Also here’s how the map looks with those 11 billion voxels worth of water…

(The darker green part is the voxel water)

Try turning on StreamingEnabled under workspace properties. Mess around with the settings there and it should improve memory usage.

Oh, i have 16 GIGS of RAM. So i should be fine, right?

Again, I’ve tried… It does not work…

You should be more than fine…

Also note, whenever an application uses more ram than you have, yea it will start using space on the C drive, however after the application is closed, the space used on the C drive will be cleared.

Here’s an idea: remove all the water and put a single part at the origin of the game, and insert a BlockMesh inside. Set the mesh scale to 99999,X,99999 (with X representing the height of the water). After that, you can make a StarterCharacterScript which detects whenever a player goes below the highest Y level of the water, and from there you could script your own swimming system.


Do you even know what ram is? Ram is not your computer storage.

How does one have 11 billion voxels? I have a game with 4B voxels and it doesn’t even load on my laptop.

I know what ram is and I know ram is not computer storage, all I’m saying is that once you run out of ram, memory on the C drive or whatever place windows is installed (not sure if its for the app install folder or just windows) to will start being used as ram for the application, try making a gigantic place in roblox studio and watch the memory on your hard drive/ssd lower.

32768x28672~ Stud map… also 254 Studs to 8k Studs deep, all filled with water!

That is not true, your computer can not “Run out of ram”
If your workload overexceeds the limit for your computer, it will slow down. I’m not aware of any computer that uses your computer storage as ram, as far as I know, that is physically impossible.

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The computer ram will use the Cdrive to store data, but it wont use it to physically run your computer.

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