Terraria-like "semi colliding" part - With free editable demo!

Hello Guys,

I continue my idea-giveaway :slight_smile:
(Check out the previous one, the GUI Polygon editor demo!)

This one is a simple demo with 3 parts behaving like in Terraria Game - I tell you what it means!


So: you can freely jump up to the next stand above (no collision while jump upward)
Hold left CTRL to go down (set stand’s collision off temporarily).


What makes it more interesting:

It works in multiplayer mode (no other player will fall down while you come down) even if it is handled by one single server script (75 lines), no local scripts used!

Just clone the model and place whereever you need one.

You can access the copy of the game so you can have full access to model and script.

Have fun! :slight_smile: