Test My FPS Framework

Hey yall, I’ve been working on a FPS framework and I think I have done it. You use Left Mouse Button to shoot and Right Mouse Button to aim as well as Shift to sprint and 1 for AK47 and 2 for M9(pistol). I think I have done a good job on my FPS framework and I want you to try it out for yourself! If there’s any bugs please don’t dislike the game come here and I would like to see them.

Game: Madside (Gun Testing) - Roblox


It’s really good for a start. I presume you plan on adding animations which is my only suggestion. Be proud of that system it’s amazing :+1:


To begin with, the bullet spray is really buggy and inaccurate.

Looking at this video:

You can see the bullet seems to travel in the crosshair (sometimes it doesn’t, and I’ll get into that later) but the bullet hole seems to be COMPLETELY off?

Looking at this video:
The bullet only forms when the user targets an actual brick, but once I shoot in the sky, there is no bullet.

The crosshair seems to be useless because the bullets seem to travel in arbitrary directions without keeping into account the crosshair’s placement.

Another thing I saw was the bullet not even shooting out of the barrel. Whenever I sway my gun, the bullet seems to be coming out of the air and not the gun.

There are many things that need to be fixed, but this is pretty good for a first time (i’m assuming) FPS framework.


Question 1: The bullet spray is not inaccurate its because your shooting at angled block. If you weren’t standing at an angle it would be fine.
Question 2: The reason why it doesent work when shooting the sky is because raycast only works on parts which then doesent show the line
Question 3: When you sway the bullet comes out of the muzzle but since you moved the bullet trail stays in the same position since in real life if you were to move while shooting the bullet trail wouldn’t just stick to your gun.

Anyways thanks for your feedback! :grinning: :+1:


This is very nicely done, I can only dream to reach this point in scripting.


This FPS looks good but it does need more work. My main concerns are that the arms are too far to the right and the animations are slow. I would suggest adding projectile bullets and arm movement as well.

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It looks really good! I would suggest adding some recoil so that it feels more “real”

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Shooting a gun at an angle should not make the bullet move to a location farther from the bullet trail. It IS inaccurate if you watch the video.

If it was real life, the bullet would come out of the BARREL when you move. Whenever I fired the weapon and moved in your framework, the bullet did NOT come out of the barrel.

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