Test My New Simulator

Hi guys! A builder and I are making a new simulator game on Roblox. We would ask you to play it and leave feedback on what could be better. For now it is very standard, and we are definitely going to add more and more features.

The goal of the game
The goal of the game is to collect fruit, add them to a blender, fill cups and deliver those cups to an house to get money and gems.

Features we have right now

  • Collect fruits
  • Blend fruits into a smoothie
  • Fill the cup with the blended fruits
  • Fill a box with all the smoothies
  • Store the boxes in the storage
  • Deliver the boxes to houses to get money and gems

Features we are going to add

  • A van with which you can deliver the boxes
  • Upgrades for the blender, cups and boxes to get more money
  • Group chest for our group members
  • Recipe system to get a reward when you make a new recipe
  • And more…

We hope you will take the time to play it and leave feedback.

(If you read it right after this post is placed you can join me in: Roblox | Project B)

Hope seeing you soon in the game!


The game is quite nice and simple to understand. The map looks really cool with its sort of low poly look I know you have only just released the game so there are some bugs like the deliver timer staying on screen after delivery completion and sometimes pressing e too much will bug the timers. Overall I can’t wait till the next update!

-Add the option to automate (workers) blending and filling or automate collecting and deliver etc. The game is fun but having to run collect fruit, blending it for 8 seconds, run back then blender again for one cup gets kinda boring over time. The workers could get tired or need to be paid etc so it’s not all just sit back and relax.

(No idea if this is what you have planned) Being able to place more blender/fillers in your plot for more stuff working at once.

Ingame events this could be like gold fruit rains from the sky and if used will give extra gems/coins etc.



Thank you so much for this great feedback @wellsway. This is really useful! We will do what we can and for the next weekend a new update is planned. If you join our Discord, you can become the test role to test all the new features.

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I like the look of the game and the idea is cool too!

Some issues I found:
If you spam “E” on the blender to blend, the number will go into negative values and the UI will go past the outline. The filling UI will go over the outline too.
You can go over the map border by jumping from the Recipes building’s roof or from the trees next to the tunnel.

Also, wouldn’t spawning those fruits based on the player count improve performance? So if there is only one person playing it would spawn fewer of them.

I haven’t played it a ton but I can already see it looks great! The lighting is amazing, and really compliments the good builds. My one suggestion is that early game, it gets kind of boring, so maybe add some more visual effects when blending and filling the smoothies, like maybe make the blender bigger in a more comical way and show the fruit getting blended, or at least add some fx. Overall though, it’s a really good quality game!

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