Test out my game for the THIRD time!

Yes, again, and again! More improvements! I should probably stop doing this, so this will be the last time.


You can create a #bulletin-board and show there updates of your Game so you dotn overload #help-and-feedback:creations-feedback catwgory


Don’t, and catwgory is category, sorry it’s just that I usually type fast :sweat_smile:


I had fun playing with you, I have to update Roblox and in a few minutes I will join on my computer so I lag less

On phones the W button blocks the Size thing

Since when did I play with you? :thinking:

I was playing with @Den_vers but let’s not get off-topic

How do I do this? I’ve never heard of that before.

From what I know you just post in the #bulletin-board, I never actually did, let me try

Edit: it works, I just did

I found a glitch, when I spawns in I’ve seen my avatar and I wasn’t able to see the circle

Ok, thsi is a recurring problem, it just happens again

This is a Game-breaking but, I’m not able to play the Game from my PC

Edit: I’m not able to join form my phone either…

Edit: looks like it’s a problem on my hand?

This game does seem like agar.io, but still maybe does have some potental

Are you saying it wouldn’t have potential because it’s similar to agario?

No I’m just saying it’s similar to agar.io and that some improvements can make it more better

What do you recommend I do? You shouldn’t just say things and not elaborate. I would love to hear your opinion.

ui could probably change as it isnt very attracting, and maybe a few new features e.g. crates for skins or power ups. overall pretty good and def grind worthy :100::100:

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The lag is crazy in the game | | | | |. | |

What do you mean and what do you say?

The UI is based on the actual game.


i meant the skins ui, and also if it was based of agar.io then you should probably credit it in the game description

This game is mainly targeted towards a younger audience, that’s why it’s compatible with mobile, and Xbox. I want the UI to look as attractive for that respective audience as possible.

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okay fair point, just think that the ui could appeal a more to both older and younger audiences. also you should make it so that you can see the skin properly before you equip it

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Good point. I’ll definitely have to come up with a more general UI

Yes, I’ll have to do this.

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