Test pbr + fib3 + ray tracing global illumination


This is in Roblox! Since when? This is amazing!


The pbr and the end 3 is already in roblox available by activating the beta features but the path tracin g is not yet :smiley:


That’s awesome, I will check it out.


looks incredible!
But how does one hard code ray tracing? its something i’ve wanted to do for a while

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Awesome stuff! I love seeing these showcases of roblox’s new features.


That’s insane!
It looks so real and so detailed, The rocks, the lighting, and everything!
Anyway, Amazing job!

It’s crazy How Roblox has evolved over the past years!

It looks spectaclar, but the skybox feels out of place, and I think some sun rays would top off the feel of the surrounding area. Is this used for gameplay or showcase?

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You can make some tricks to make it ray traced.

Use Pointlights or Spotlights.

is this in roblox?
its amazing

Wait, you are telling me that’s Roblox? That’s amazing!

ray tracing isn’t out in roblox and will never be, you’re using the vanilla shadows, but great work on the textures man!

Those pictures were really nice. I hope one day we have Global Illumination in Roblox.

Only the global illumination is ray traced, not the shadows. While yes, the lighting could be baked into the textures, he could also be using ReShade Ray Tracing

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He could be using ReShade ray tracing.

This is awesome! It doesn’t even look like ROBLOX! I’d say you did good on this one!