Test Project - Menu & Character Selection

Yoo, I know this isn’t a full game or anything yet but I still want some feedback on what I can already improve.



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Hello! I remember you from your Zombie Run game!

Anyways, as of right now, i’m only able to review the UI (i’ll play it later)

The UI is fine and consistent although I’d try to use ImageButton instead of TextButton, I’m pretty sure theres some actual phycology to this

Images are way more understandable to a way array of audiences and is easier to understand

I would also try to minimize to extreme change on the UI gradient

Everything else (that I’ve seen) are well and makes me excited to see the future of this game :smiley::grin:


It’s a very good start, but I would have made the player count as a counter with arrows since theres only 4 options it’s not a big deal, I think it would be less buggy.

You could also implement a only friend bool value and to go with that a button to invite friends, or you could also make a multiple choice with private (code or invitation), only friends and public !

Else it looks very cool, I love the animations, the only thing I don’t really like from an artistic point (take it with a grain of salt as I’m very bad in everything around drawing) is the font which seems strange.

Thanks you very much for sharing this and have a nice day !

EDIT : sorry for my very bad english …


Alright thanks for the feedback. Added an option for only friends (should work but couldn’t test it yet) and I am still working on changing the ui a bit.

Oh and btw if you select chapter 2/test place you can test out the guns (they aren’t finished at all)

This menu and character selection UI looks good! Nice job on it!

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Alright “Only Friends” should be fixed now and some other small bugs according multiplayer.