Test Server failing to start/connect

Is anyone else getting this too?

When I go to Test Server, I get this outputted on the Server window
22:53:35.608 - Error while starting server: Failed to start network server, port:53640, error id:5
like not even 1 minute before I started getting this I was able to Test Server just fine, but now I cannot start server on any place of mine.

I’m using latest build of studio on Mac.

Play Solo works fine though.

So this is an issue with just a single Machine of mine (my Mac Laptop), as it works on my other Windows 10 Laptop.

Any Idea on how to fix it for my Mac Machine?

I’ve already tried reinstalling Roblox and Roblox Studio, and turning off and on my wifi.

I’m Gonna try restarting my computer now.

Edit: Restarting Computer fixed the issue, werid.

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