Tester on XBOX one version (free)

About me Greetings again. l playning roblox on XBOX 2 years (on my old account), I can help you test your game on this console. I can be online every day for 2-4 hours.
**Discord **
F3dme # 8471

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Forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t being a tester usually a privilege rather than something you’d buy? Even if it is something you buy, how would developers know that you’re a good tester? Do you have showcases on how detailed your reviews and feedbacks for several games are?


I agree completely with this. I usually don’t pay people to test my game, as they are given special privileges for having that role.

Then I think from 500 to 800 robux

Mm, who will know if I have no connections with game developers. An opportunity to show your robot too. I’m just starting

Ok here is my view on this, anyone who can afford you pay you 800 robux for a testing session already most likely have an established community who would consider it an honour to test an upcoming project.

I recommend either making your service free, or discerning your Unique selling point of why we game developers should pick YOU out of the hundreds of regular plays dying to test our new projects.

Also I see from your description you are fluent in Russian and English, maybe consider offering your services as a game translator instead, since this is work that is paid very well.