Testers needed [again] for my new game!

Hey devs,

I recently improved upon my new game, Mad Libs, and have added some new features, however I need someone to help test the game out with me!

About the game:

Mad Libs is a round based game, set around players answering/filling in the blanks to a randomly selected prompt, kind of like Cards Against Humanity. A randomly selected player will be the judge, who will decide who has given the best answer or the funniest response!

Note, this game is heavily inspired by CAH and rayraydog’s “Fill In The Blank”. All credit to those creations

This game requires two or more players for a round to begin, so I kind of need some helping hands with this!

You may be wondering why I am not just using the ‘Test’ feature on Roblox Studio, well that is because I would play it the way it is intended - other players may find bugs I may miss. (This is key to testing a game by the way).

Here is the link to the game! I’ll see you there.

If you find any bugs during the session, please reply to this post including them, so I have a list to go off, thanks!

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