Testers/feedback needed for my game!

Hello everyone!

I have been working on a game for about two days, and have come near completion. So, I need testers to help test the game, spot bugs and make sure the game is worthy of a release!

The game:
The game is called ‘Mad Libs’ and is a faithful recreation of rayraydog’s “Fill In The Blank” - full credit goes to him.

Each round, a randomly selected player will be the ‘judge’. The player’s will be prompted to finish the sentence/phrase, and their answer will be judged by, you guessed it, the judge. The judge will pick the best answer, resulting in the player giving the best answer winning the round.

This goes on indefinitely, and there are 65 card prompts ready for the players - so it has some replayability.

However, it does require 2 people to play the game, so that is why I need some testers!

The link is down below:

I appreciate your help!


Since there are not enough players, I couldn’t test the game out. But my username cuts out. :confused:



Nice Game From what i see at the current moment, But maybe cange the UI layout, to fit the theme of the game colour wise. For example:

  1. Same Colour pallet but with a border outline

  2. Add some sort of music to add semi background noise

  3. Maybe add clicking effects when plays click the Selected Text for the anwser when a judge

  4. Maybe add a shop for players to Collect in-game currency to buy new chairs and player effects.

  5. Maybe a ticking sound for the timer going down. and when it hits 0, A clock sound plays. like the dramtic ones when it strikes 12.

  6. Maybe add a text filter for black listed words. so people dont use it to make rude or bad responses

  7. Add a limit to the amount of letters a player can submit and a 1 character start point so people dont add a blank reply

  8. Also, fix the limit the limit of clicks per anwser as we saw the mulitple wins.

Maybe add stuff onto the table, maybe a light flicker once in a while. stuff players can buy such as chairs, emotes effects and chair effects. and winning emotes.

Overall, The game is Great, Hope for more updates soon. :slight_smile: Loved everything bout the game at the current moment of the state. If in need of effects for chairs or anything :slight_smile: More then welcome to help. But great work man keep it up Contact me if you need help with any kind of builds :slight_smile:


This a interesting and fun game to play, But i have some things to note from my playtesting:

  • You can select multiple anwsers as Judge but it seems that its only a visual bug

  • It’s possible to make answers with no text, and there isnt a limit to how many characters you can put.

  • Maybe add a round system where the person with the most points would get a win, so that you wont be able to get so many wins so quickly.

  • Add some music, and maybe even make a shop to get some skins for cards.

That was what i have gathered from my session and i hope that you will be able to make a great game! :smiley:.

You can contact me if you need me for more playtesting.