Testing a game Process?

Hello All,

I am a new game dev and about to release my first game! As a noobie there are things I am not really sure how to do. I want to recruit people to test my game before release. Below are my questions:

  1. Do I need to create a group for the testers?
  2. Do I actually publish my game then post the link in the group for them to test?
  3. How do testers test game passes and developer products without actually spending their robux?

If I am way off the mark here what is the best steps to set up a testing session?


I’ve never recruited testers before (I usually just ask friends), but I think the best practice is just to have good contact with them.

  1. No, it isn’t required. It might be more convenient for you to make a group, but you don’t have to.

  2. If you were to make a group, then yes. If not, just provide them with the link wherever you have grouped your testers.

  3. You can always test them yourself to see if they work. If that doesn’t satisfy you, then just invite a few testers to your game (via Team Create) and allow them to test gamepasses and developer products in Roblox Studio.

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Of course you can get Tester,
This do not cost anything but members will be join more if you have some screenshots or videos of the game!

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So basically just giving everyone play access on team create does the job?

Thanks! I probably should have been able to figure that out myself :grinning:

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