Testing Chat Filtering

Hello. I am trying to ensure that all the text input in my game is being filtered properly. The only way I can think to do this, is by putting profanity through the system. If done in Studio, is this something that could face moderation action for? If so, how should I go about ensuring that all text is being properly filtered?


This is a question I would like to know the answer to as well. Because the client acts as the server as well as a player when play testing in roblox studio (except for team testing), I would imagine that the chat and subsequent use of profanity is not actually logged by roblox. Though I could be completely wrong

From personal experience it doesn’t, otherwise I would have gotten tons of warnings throughout the years. You should feel safe :+1:

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Text isn’t filtered in studio anyway. You’ll need to test the filter in a live session of the game.

Hello, I hope it’s okay to bump this, but I found a helpful solution to this issue that doesn’t involve using profanity.

You can simply format numbers to look like a phone number, such as 392 381 479 (do not use 123 456 789, that’s not enough to trigger the filter usually!).

This method should allow you to test the system without any risk of being banned.

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