Testing if part is immovable (welded to an anchored part)

This issue is related to network ownership. Currently, when I try to give network ownership of a part to a player and that part is welded in some way to an anchored part, an error is thrown. I was wondering how I could go about checking to see whether the part is in any way welded to any anchored parts.


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Can you provide more context as to how welds are being introduced? I feel like this is a problem stemming from a deeper one so I want to kill two birds here.




I actually released when seeing your comment that the only affected parts would be built by me into the game, meaning that I can anchor them from the start. As I don’t plan to have destruction in my game with roblox explosions or anything of that sort, I don’t think this should be an issue for me any longer. Thanks!

tldr: I didn’t really think my issue through that well

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thank you! Even though I likely won’t need to use this anymore it may still become useful in the future

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