(Testing Needed) I have opened the map of my upcoming game to the public

I am currently working on the map of a game and I need some people to test it and leave feedback and what could improve and what should I fix


  • Please note that the map is not finished and there is still a lot to do
  • This map may not work as expected on low-end devices

EDIT: Thanks for the feedback! I will be doing some changes to it


I just tested it out, it actually looks very nice in-game. The detail is insane with a high-quality map! Without anybugs as well, good job.


I like the colors used as well as the layout. I think you could improve this build by increasing the view distance. There are a lot of things in the air, none of which I was able to see clearly. I also think you could make the animation smoother on some of the rotating objects as well as making the hovering board in front of the big building have more of a hovering animation and not a bouncing one. The arms at the top of the builds seem to show no purpose but just waving around, I would try to think of something for them to do. Lastly, there is a lot going up in the sky, but I think the floor feels a tiny bit empty. Great job so far!


Looks very good, I love the concept and the way its executed, but there are a few things you could improve on…

  • Less free models
  • Less floating objects (stuff that isn’t meant to float like that huge cylinder)
  • More things on the ground, the sky is too filled, like @deafaultyboii1324 said.

Overall really good! Keep going, maybe try optimizing for lower-end devices.


I just use scripts and modules (taken from the devforum and some other places), but i have planned to remove some


Looks nice but maybe lower the blur a little


Suns a bit bright the neon lights are also very bright and the blurs a little too much. Great job on the building though, also liked the teleporter

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