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Area 47: Roleplay by CreepySins

Area-47 is an underground facility that contains anomalous objects that defy the laws of human nature. Play today as a scientist, security team member, or be a member of the anti-foundation Chaos Insurgency! Raid warehouses, protect the facility, or roam around the vast sewers.


We do not refund for action taken based on rule breaking.


  1. Do not break the Roblox ToS
    Don’t break the Roblox Terms of Service. It has a list of rules that apply to all games on Roblox.

  2. Follow the Roblox Community Rules
    These are to be followed in every Roblox Game/Experience.

  3. Do not abuse the gamepass TA powers
    While holding the TA position you are not to abuse any powers that come with it. You may only use the CE and Vote-Kick system on players who break Area 47 rules.

  4. Do not abuse the Control Room Alarms/Announcements
    You are not allowed to spam the alarms available in the control room.

  5. Do not abuse the Arrest tool
    You may only use the arrest tool on a CD that has the terminate tag. You may not arrest a CD through walls/windows, while you are cloaked, or after a CD has been terminated.

  6. Do not exploit
    Exploiting will result in a permanent ban. Simply put, don’t do it.

  7. Do not glitch
    Glitching warrants a ban. This includes, but not limited to:
    glitching outside, through doors, walls, into restricted areas, etc.

  8. Do not abuse the Detain tool
    You may only use the detain tool on a CD for faster transport during a test (The CD must consent to be detained). Detain may also be used for roleplay guarding but the person you wish to detain must consent to be detained.

  9. Do not Advertise
    You may not advertise other groups, games, or links while in-game.

  10. Do not Evade Punishments
    You are expected to wait out your ban time. If you attempt to evade your ban by using an Alt Account (or by other means) then your alt will be banned too.

  11. Do not Breach SCPs into Spawns
    No matter if you’re on a hostile or foundation team you are not allowed to breach an SCP into a spawn location.

  12. Do not Breach SCPs on a Foundation Team
    While on a foundation team (MTF, FP, AD, RRT, etc) you are not allowed to breach SCPs.

  13. Do not Bypass the Termination System
    While on the Class D team you are not allowed to bypass the termination system. This means you are not allowed to use objects to get around the termination line. This is considered glitching and will result in a 24hr ban.

  14. Do not Push CD Over the Termination Line
    No matter if you’re on a hostile or foundation team you are not allowed to purposely push Class D over the termination line to get them terminated.

  15. Do not Break the Riot Wall while on a Foundation Team
    While on a foundation team (MTF, FP, AD, RRT, etc) you are not allowed to shoot and damage the CD Riot Wall.

  16. Do not Misuse the in-game Radio
    The Radio is there to make communication between teams easier, you are not allowed to spam or break the Roblox ToS in the radio.

  17. Do not Spawn Kill
    No matter if you’re on a hostile or foundation team you are not allowed to camp outside another team’s spawn and kill those who walk out.

  18. Do not wear the Moderator Uniform
    Unless you are a part of CreepySins Moderation Team you are not allowed to have the Moderator Uniform on your avatar.


Moderators make their existence very obvious. You’ll see them with their nametag as it will clearly say Moderator above their head, with a shield icon. On the leaderboard they will also have a shield icon.

If someone says they’re a moderator but don’t exhibit those, they’re not a moderator.

Moderators are individuals who’ve applied for the position and have passed the selection and training phase.

You may find them in our official server, or in-game.


Make sure you follow all of the rules that are in this topic. It is very important that you do so.

If you spot anyone breaking these, you can report it using the in-game report feature, which is user-friendly to use.

Thank you for taking your time to read the rules player. We hope that you have an amazing player experience. Remember to report all bugs inside of our development hub so we can resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

Final notice: Refunds are not issued for any action taken on your account.

- Owner CreepySins
- Head Developer lxuca

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