Tetragon Fortress FAQ and frequent requests

How to equip weapons in Tetragon Fortress


  • Add Mann Vs. Machine - This will never happen. the AI is just too complicated to recreate it faithfully with the time and resources I have access to. It's effectively a new game on its own.
  • Add weapon! - I add weapons based on a few things
    1. Would it work without source engine physics
    2. How complicated a weapon would be to add
    3. Do I personally like the weapon in TF2
    There are a few weapons I won't be adding at the moment for the following reasons:
    • The Gunslinger: I just straight up don't think mini sentries are very fair. They're zero risk with a fairly low skill ceiling
    • The Market Gardener: I absolutely love the market gardener, however it's usability depends on the fact that the source engine has unparalleled air control. Additionally, lag makes it somewhat difficult for me to actually tell if you were in the air when you hit an enemy.


  • Q. Why did you make a TF2 clone?
    A. There's a few reasons. One is that it started out as me testing my own abilities. I wanted to see how hard it would be to make guns. Additionally, there was in my opinion no acceptable version of TF2 for mobile phones. Finally, I wanted to make maps for TF2 but the Hammer editor is kind of fiddly sometimes.
  • Q. Who are the admins for this game? Can I have admin?
    A. The admins in my game are TheSirButters and PinnedTarget. I don't accept applications for administrators, however. The way you become an admin is by knowing me for a long time. However, if you buy a VIP server you may use admin commands on that server.
  • Q. I have a suggestion. Where do I send it?
    A. Private message me using Roblox's PM system. I don't respond to everything sent there but I do read everything.
  • Q. I've been banned! How do I get unbanned?
    A. Again: Private message me directly. Include the reason for your ban and why I should unban you.
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