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Hello there!
Recently wanted to make a RichText module similar to Godot’s Rich Text (just default Rich Text but with animations), but in the end stuck with one issue! I DON’T KNOW HOW TO ALIGN IT :sob:
I was surfing the internet for a while and no one seems to be interested! I just want it to be in center. Tried many things like changing anchor point, palying with positions, askin’ AI, everything! Nothing worked! I think I’ll go nuts with this one. Help please :sob: Just someone :pray:

Here’s the video:

Like this? TextXAlignment | Documentation - Roblox Creator Hub

If you are using uilistlayout then just use alignment mode center? Please provide images rather than a file.

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I’ve used UIListLayout and everything worked! Omg you just saved my life and my time!!!
Need some polish but overall! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Well, I wasn’t expecting this lol. No problem!

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