Text Button Teleporter is Not working

Hey there!
I was making a new UI for my game today, and I wanted to make a text button, where I want to when players click there, then they should be teleported to another of my experiences, where the players could start playing the game. Problem is that when I was testing, I’ve clicked the button and wasn’t working. So i’ll let you the code here for if someone could help me out with this, thanks!

local TeleportButton = script.Parent 
local UniverseID = "123456789" --This is sample universe ID, do not care about it. 

local function onTeleportButtonClick()

    game:GetService("TeleportService"):TeleportToPlaceInstance(UniverseID, "")


Hope to see some answers soon!

remove the 2nd arguement , i do not know why it is there but it could be the reason to it not teleporting

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