Text Clipping in a TextLabel [Typewriter Effect]

Hi, developers. I’m currently developing a game but whenever I test it with 2+ players [including myself], the text always seems to clip. Does anybody know what this is caused by generally and any preventions?

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Because the typewriter effects was stacked on each other.

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In Studio testing it works fine, though?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this topic should be in Scripting Support.
Also, could you provide more information on how you are doing the effect, and where the scripts are?

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I put it in Art Design Support because it covers the majority of GFX, UI, etc. This feels like a problem with the UI mainly as the scripting part works fine in studio.

Check your messages!

The issue might be that the server is sending the typewriter info twice, which creates the stacked effect as @FlashFlame_Roblox said.

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I sent the code in a message, could you take a peak and tell me if anything is out of the ordinary? :slight_smile:

The code in the message seems fine, but I think it’s the server scripts that have a problem.

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This is the code used each time to send a new one. I don’t think this could cause anything like this.

How many times is the script using it? This can happen if the server is using that multiple times while the typewriter effect is happening.

A lot, but each time it’s needed. 15 times currently.

Could you send the section of the script that is involved if possible? I’ll try to find the issue.