Text Color inside of Code Blocks have become more muted/dull

Following one of the most recent Developer Forum maintenances, I noticed a difference in the appearance of text contained within Code Blocks that has diminished the readability when distinguishing different parts of a script from one another (could this be a uniform adjustment in the Text Editor now? Bolded words outside of code blocks also appear less saturated, from what I am able to tell).

It is most noticeable with words that are typically bolded: (local, function, if, then, end, etc.), which now blend in more with the rest of the text (screenshot of a random post on the Developer Forum with a before and after can be found below).



The final section of the code block with the PlayerAdded event exemplifies the differences, as the words that previously stood out now mix together with the rest of the text. While this isn’t a massive change (if intentional), I performed some quick tests to determine if this was a change made to the website, or if something had changed on my side.

To do this, I cross-referenced multiple devices and internet browsers (Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox), including changing my website theme to see if it was specific to the one I am currently using, then back to the dark theme to narrow down the likelihood of this discrepancy occurring due to something related to my peripherals. According to my results, the differences were consistent with one another, and during this process, I found it to be even less distinguishable while using the “Vincent” website theme (however, I do not have any previous screenshots of what the text previously looked like):

As I am Colorblind, I’m unsure if the magnitude at which this has affected me is similar for the majority of users. In the instance that this was not a change made to the forums, and if it turns out to be something on my end, please let me know so that I can request to have this thread locked (and I apologize if that ends up being the case).


You aren’t alone, this happens to me as well. Seems to be a discourse thing.

local cool = 5

This is all I needed to see, I remember it being brighter than this. And in your examples, even I as someone who isn’t colourblind find it hard to distinguish between syntax and names.

if x = 2 then print(5) end

I can’t even remember if syntax was highlighted on one-line code segments. But it’s definitely toned down (and sort of blends in with dark mode (Vincent), but not too much)

if x == 2 then print(5) end

I hope they know that the old code embed was already easy to read, I didn’t think they would change it. Maybe it was toned down because of brightness complaints.