Text does not line up with UI

The text here on the button moves around vertically more than the button. I tried looking for solutions but found nothing so far. This hasn’t happened before.

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I dont think that’s a bug, try to change manually the position on the properties

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To do that do I just do trial and error until I get the precise position

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well that’s actually true, you might need to search someone that had the same problem.

Basically what is happening here is when you move that button roblox studio moves your button without taking care of the actual size of the scroll ui, so that’s it. The best solution I can give is to change the position of each button of a unit (like 100)

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that’s because of the ScrollingFrame’s canvas size
when you move an element, it’ll increase the position (with scale) and since scale is like a percentage it’ll move a lot more than your cursor

moving your button 0.02 down could look like it moves a lot if your canvas size is big
you should either turn on AutoScaleCanvas or just position the stuff in properties manually

(it seems more like a bug in my opinion)


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