Text for Gui to show

I’m trying to make a textlabel for when you enter lets say hello a frame appears but it does not work the output says nothing here is the code:

script.Parent.MouseButton1Click:Connect(function() script.Parent.Parent.Parent.GuiShow.Text = "Test1" script.Parent.Parent.GuiShowText.Visible = true end)

Can you send us an image of how your UI looks? By that, I mean the hierarchy of frames and stuff.

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Are you trying to edit GuiShow or GuiShowText?

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GuiShow Is where the script is to match the correct word typed in the box and show the gui

If that’s the case, why do you have script.Parent.Parent.Parent.GuiShow.Text = "Test1" if you could just do script.Parent.Text = "Test1"?

I’m a new coder so I used something I had in a script but I tried this and still nothing

Alright, let’s clear up a few things…

What you’re trying to do is;

  1. Set the button with the script, which is GuiShow, to have it’s text set to something new
  2. Make another frame, in this case GuiShowText, appear.

If that’s the case, your script should look like this.

	script.Parent.Text = "Hello"
	script.Parent.Parent.GuiShowText.Visible = false

If this doesn’t work, I’ll be confused as well.

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This Did not work either so Incase your a bit confused lets say this is () <— a textbox
A user puts for instance (Hello) In this textbox then a frame appears

So GuiShow isn’t a button but a TextBox?

Yes it is a TextBox

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You can’t call MouseButton1Click on a TextBox… Maybe something like this?

	script.Parent.Text = "Hello"
	script.Parent.Parent.GuiShowText.Visible = false

Still didn’t work and sorry for the Mousebutton1click


I think you should explore this page, specifically at the events.

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Ok Thank you I read it and I will continue to read it so it sticks in my mind thank you