Text is not changing when it's supposed to

I don’t understand why is text not firing.

	local bruh = game.Workspace.Sounds.First_song
	local hi = game.Workspace.Sounds.Second_song
	local text = game.StarterGui.ScreenGui.news.Task.Text
	bruh.Playing = true
	text = ('Wait an unspecified amount of time')
	script.Parent.Button_Stand.Transparency = 0
	script.Parent.Button_Stand.CanCollide = true
	script.Parent.Button_Stand.CanTouch = true
	script.Parent.Red_Button.Transparency = 0
	script.Parent.Red_Button.CanCollide = true
	script.Parent.Red_Button.CanTouch = true
	text = ('Button?')
	bruh.Playing = false
	hi.Playing = true

The text remains the same and does not change.

Is this code in a local script or a server script? Where is this script located?

Also, the reason why your text does not change is because you are trying to change the text through StarterGui. You cannot change anything by calling StarterGui. The only way you can change the text is if you call PlayerGui.