Text label inciting blurry text on mobile

Currently having trouble with this TextLabel inciting blurry text on mobile devices and other platforms. Any help with this would be appreciated.


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Hi there!
There may be an issue with the image you’re using! I’ve had some issue with scaling Ui’s before due to them not being scaled properly in photoshop!

Also, the plugin linked below helps users with properly scaling UI’s to fit on all platforms!
Hope this helps!

The dev forum post:

Ah, I don’t think you can fix that. That’s just the resolution of the device. - i accidentally said weapon instead of device somehow lol

@KyliesKardashians In the video its seen scaling fine, the resolution just becomes blurry.

It may be because you’re using fit to window. Try using actual resolution to see how it will actually look. The option to change it is located right next to the different emulators.