Text Looks Weird On Mobile Devices

so I’m making a gamepass shop and when I saw what my gui looks like on mobile, It looks nothing to the pc version of the gui, I checked if any of the gui was scaled on offset, every gui was set on scale, I also used AutoScale Lite to try and fix the issue; but nothing changed, can anyone please help me fix this issue? Thank you for reading.




It seems to have something to do with the text size which you can’t really control with scale

Can you put a UITextSizeConstraint inside the textlabels? That might keep the text from becoming to big due to different pixel sizes

I have tried putting UITextSizeConstrait but nothing changed

Is the TextScaled on? If so try turning it off and sizing it your self

didn’t work :frowning:

Sorry, I was testing it in studio and I forgot a property which made it work until I turned that property on sorry. Let me keep looking into it…

I already tried using autoscale lite

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Can you show us the heirarchy? It might help a bit.

what do you mean by that? (30char)

Like the explorer on the side of the screen

you mean this?

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Which frame is 'Black" Is it the one darkened farme with buy, Starterpack, and shards on it?

yes (thirty cha asdjfasldjfasdfasdfas)

This is the last thing I can try, It’s a bit complicated but it’s the only thing I can find on the web

It looks like you have to scale the text up using a for loop maybe? Until TextFits == true. Hope you can get it to work!

wait i just figured out how to solve the problem

all I had to do is to put a UIApectRatioConstraint in my StarterPack GUI :sleepy:

but thanks for trying to help me!

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“tarter pack”

Jokes aside, have fun with your game!