Text Randomly Disappears when adding a gradient

So I was making a purchase button for my UI but when I tried adding a UI Gradient for the background, my text (it was white) just disappeared which made me very confused. The text only shows the darker the colour is. Is this a bug anyone else is having problems with?

I think the problem is that since the text is white, the UI Gradient is affecting the text too…

Could you show a screenshot of how it looks like?

You have the solution…

“the text is white”

Change the TextColor3 to 0,0,0

Yes but the problem is I want the text to be white…

Here is a video of me showing the problem:

Thats just how ui gradients work. Cant do anything about it.

Huh interesting. I always thought it was possible to just have a gradient as a background and have white text. For some reason, I thought I’ve done this many times and it was just this one time it wasn’t working…

The only way to fix that issue is to put the TextLabel and the gradient in a frame, that way you can still have white text.

Ya, looking back at all the games where I thought I added gradient to text boxes/labels, I always had a frame behind… think my brain stopped working when reporting this problem

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use a frame and put a text box into it also put ui gradiant in frame

Yes I know. I’ve done this many times before but seemed to have forgotten at that moment.