Text Scaled causes Size Tweening to be Glitchy

When you have TextScaled on, it auto-adjusts the size of the text to fit the size, but how would I freeze the TextSize so that when it gets smaller or larger, it doesn’t bug out? Here’s a video, you can see that the text rescales with the frame. (The video is buggy itself because there are so many moving parts)

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I looked on the Dev Forum and found nobody talking about this, but I’m sure there are topics about this so link them if you know any.

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Could I possibly calculate the size it should be in scaled and set it to that size, so it doesn’t change the size of the text the whole way through?

I have the same issue, did you fix it?

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I don’t think I did, unfortunately.

You could just make it copy the text then delete the text and then paste it back once the tween is done.

There’s a number of ways to make some ui appear on screen, but we’re trying to do it a specific way.

@Josou10 does this help?How to scale text perfectly (solved) - #7 by GGGGG14

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I just used TweenPosition Instead. But thanks anyways.