Text Scraper Plugin, Exports as CSV

This plugin is meant for anyone who would like to capture the text in guis and values in their game for localisation purposes.

Use this plugin to scrape all the strings in your game. Press Scrape, wait for it to complete, then press the ‘copy to script’ button.

Take the contents of this script, and make a new notepad document, then paste in the contents of the script and save the notepad document as [FileName].csv. You will now be able to open it in Excel.

This plugin is not for running during play solo, it will capture the text of guis, and values of values if you’d like, of instances in your game in edit mode. Once exported to excel the data looks like this:

By default the plugin yields every 5 checks to stop low end machines crashing. If you’d like to remove the yields altogether, tick the box next to ‘High End Machine’ and it should complete pretty much instantly.