Text to Speech & It's filtering

For a game I made, I created a text to speech chat system for fun on a space game of mine. The issue is while currently ROBLOX Filters things already for me, things that when typed out look fine, but sound inappropriate, can basically bypass this.

For example someone tries saying an inappropriate word in text to speech, by removing a letter or two so its not filtered, or by changing a “y” to “e” in the word so it sounds the same, etc, etc.

In this case, as a developer what do I do? Anytime I find a bypass I patch it ASAP but what happens if theres something I don’t see or get to? Am I at risk of getting the game taken down because people abuse it? Or is it something that ROBLOX has to fix in their own filtering for chat?

In other words, if someone bypasses text to speech in-game, am I at risk of getting the game taken down? Or is this something ROBLOX needs to fix? (In terms of bypassing).

It would be horrible if I ended up getting in trouble for making a text to speech engine just because people could bypass ROBLOX’s own filtering.
(The text to speech in question, isin’t even that good, large sentences sound like an alien language and yet people can still find ways around it.)

I don’t think you would get in trouble.
1.People make Text-to-speech and i’ve seen no problem
2. Roblox have the filtering system but it doesn’t prevent from you to say any hairy word.

I can easily bypass roblox filtering when i’m mad

You could try what Useless Duck Company did, checking the phonetics of the sentence and whether or not it is similar to a blacklist of words.

In fact, he has an API up that you can use to check the phonetics, however it might not fit your needs.