TextBounds returning correct info, though the size of the frame is different

For some reason, in the module I made (HintService), the TextBounds.X value in the created TextLabel is returning the correct info, though the size of the label itself is not changing accordingly to it with random fonts. Here is an example of the issue:

Works with gotham: (3/3) work

Other random fonts I tried: (1/3) work

Please, if someone could help with this issue I would be very grateful. I have been wanting to release custom fonts for the longest time.

try turning on RichText (literally just toggle the checkbox)

also what’s stopping you from just using AutomaticSize?

How do I add padding to automatic size though? I know I could just use the UIPadding object, but gets a bit wonky.

I don’t get it? For me UIPadding works as expected and it’s functionally equivalent to just doing it manually
I guess it depends on the method; I use UIPadding on the TextLabel, and then put that TextLabel inside a Frame which is what gets resized to fit the text

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Well before, I added extra padding of 23 on the size. But for some reason on the padding it seems to be larger than before. But thank you! This worked and I found a good padding amount!

Just another question though, is there a way to get the size of the AutomaticSize? The size does not change in properties so I am unsure if you can do this.


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