TextBox and TextLabel show multiline text differently

I have a SurfaceGui with a TextBox and an identical TextLabel. TextScaled and TextWrapped are enabled. With multiline text, the TextBox shows the space before ‘to’ on the bottom line, while the TextLabel ignores it. TextBox.Multiline makes no difference.

I want to show the TextBox when the text is editable and the TextLabel otherwise, but the text can show up differently. It’s not a huge deal but it looks a little odd going from one to the other, the the bottom text on the TextBox isn’t centered :weary:


Thanks for your report! Could you include a minimal repro rbxl so we can diagnose? Thank you!

TextSpacingBug.rbxl (25.5 KB)

Thanks! I was able to reproduce and will file a bug on this for my team. We will get back to this post when we know what the problem is and are fixing it.