TextBox ClearTextOnFocus Property Wrong Behavior

The TextBox property ClearTextOnFocus no longer works as intended. When a TextBox gains focus, it’s supposed to ‘clear’ the placeholder text. Right now, this is not the case; instead, you must type in the TextBox first.

As you can see, the placeholder text stays visible on initial focus. This might confuse players.

This happens 100% of the time and can be reproduced with any TextBox with ClearTextOnFocus set to true.

This happens on all my devices so I believe it’s not an isolated issue. A quick search shows this is happening to others: - YouTube

I believe this started a week ago but I’m not completely sure.



I don’t know about you, but mine works perfectly fine.


I am not sure how you managed to do that.

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Are you sure you are not putting the text in PlaceholderText rather than Text?

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Edit: Wait, does it not clear the placeholder text? Am I using this wrong?

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This was a deliberate change we made. Placeholder text now shows when the textbox is empty, instead of only when the textbox is both empty and unfocused. This brings us in line with other apps on your PC which usually do this as well.

The placeholder text is not cleared by this property. All the property does is set Text to “” when the textbox becomes focused.

Since your placeholder text and text are the same color, one way you could work around this would be to leave the placeholder text empty and set the text to “[Twitter Code]” instead.


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