Textbox text to textlabel

old name: Player type object in textbox transfers to textlabel

Is there any way to make what an player types in an textbox, pop up on another textlabel, that the whole server can see?

heres some fake code to tell you what i mean.

local textbox = script.parent
local textlabel = script.parent.textlabel

if textbox.typed = true then
textlabel.text = textbox.text

youd simply have to fire a remote whenever the textboxs focuslost event fires


rbxl file (also dont forget to filter the message whenever its sent)
textbox to textlabel.rbxl (28.8 KB)

some reason my computer has an mental breakdown when i try to play an video

Is there any way, to make it so that the gui can be asigned to an random player? also can i have an script example to go off. edit: The textbox gui to an random player or an certain player

yeah, you can clone the type gui and put it in the chosen players playergui

(script in serverscriptservice)

local players = game:GetService("Players")
local storage = game:GetService("ServerStorage")
local typeGui = storage:WaitForChild("ScreenGui") -- ur type GUI here

task.wait(10) -- wait for everyone to load
local players = players:GetChildren()
local chosenPlayer = players[math.random(#players)]
local guiClone = typeGui:Clone()
guiClone.Parent = chosenPlayer.PlayerGui

Is there an way to filter it, if there is how? im not expirenced with filtering non chat stuff

i can legit do this ^^^ (i took ur model and changed gui, added 3 blocks in workspace, that show text they sorrund eachother

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Alterntive question:
Is it possible to make an textbox which you import an audio id into and it plays the audio?

you could do something like this

textboxevent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, audioId)
	sound.SoundId = string.format("rbxassetid://%s", audioId)
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If you still want to know how to filter text then roblox has an guide for filtering. Link

You should probably censor that before something happens to your devforum account

Filtering text does not work in Studio. When you play the actual game however it will filter the text just fine. It’s not due to the fact that it’s not working, it just doesn’t work in studio.

I recommend using the “Chat” service, and using FilterStringForBroadcast() when filtering text.