Textbox text wont change with server script

the textbox text after being set from server script just says “TextBox” on the local gui. this is a server script changing the text for a local gui which i thought maybe textboxs dont support but THEY DO. is there maybe a setting preventing it? any help is great. thank q

local ClickDetector = script.Parent -- this script activates when a click detector is triggered


	local character = script.Parent.Parent -- the click detector is in the player's character
	local ClickedPlayer = game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(character) -- this will get the player from the character

	local profile = game.ReplicatedStorage.Profile.playerJournal:Clone() -- this is basically a profile gui like the one in gacha online or royale high kinda
	profile.Parent = player.PlayerGui.popUps
	profile.Name = ClickedPlayer.Name
	profile.nameText.Text = ClickedPlayer.DisplayName
	local cards = ClickedPlayer.PlayerGui.popUps.journal.ScrollingFrame:Clone() -- this clones the scrolling frame from the player full of profile cards (for example my favorite series is.. or my bio is.. or my favorite song is..)
	cards.Parent = profile --  this scrolling frame will be parented to the profile gui of the viewer, aka person who clicked on player
	local cardsFinal = player.PlayerGui.popUps[ClickedPlayer.Name].ScrollingFrame -- this is the same thing as local cards
	local children = ClickedPlayer.ProfileCards:GetChildren() -- it gets the the data stored in the player just to make sure the cards have the correct text
	for i,v in ipairs(children) do
		if cardsFinal:FindFirstChild(v.Name) then
			print(v.Name.." - value name") -- i even have prints to make sure the text is correct. it is in the prints but for some reason for the gui the textbox text is just "TextBox"
			cardsFinal[v.Name].content.Text = v.Value -- this should set content(aka the textbox text) to the data found inside the player, it doesnt, and this shouldn't even be required because the text should already be accurate

Try using remoteevent to change locally instead of on the server.