Textbox webhook logger?

I made a GUI that when you type source codes in it, it runs the code. What I need help with though is a logger for the code people put into the GUI, when they click “Execute” it runs the code. When they hit that button I also want it to send the code to Discord through a webhook.

In studio…
The text I want to log…
The Execute button…


EDIT: The GUI is in the PlayerGui

Here’s a good article on adding Discord webhooks functionality.

However I strongly advise against attaching webhooks to any player triggered events or your Discord could be banned for POST spam.


Yes, but I will have an anti-spam.

That’s not possible unless you have very low traffic or combine posts across servers. Definitely consider whether or not it’s a scalable solution and maybe consider other options.


I have low traffic… Plus I don’t care about spam tbh.

I assure you… Discord do though.


I’m looking for a solution. I don’t care about the spam, I just want to know how to log textbox input…

A good start would be to share your script execution code, and have a look at the Discord Integration article I shared.

And not to be a broken record but Discord will ban your server for spam, however much you care about it. Last time i’ll say it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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local execute = script.Parent
local text = script.Parent.Parent.TextBox
local remote = script.Parent.MSFunction

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Please share the server script that receives the remote event?

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Your “solution” should be to use a proper logging service. Discord isn’t meant to be used as one and @Naco88 's points are valid, regardless of your intent or plans to implement some sort of “anti-spam.”

People like you are the reason why Discord had historically blacklisted all requests coming from Roblox: webhooks were being abused by developers.

You may not care about the consequences, but with enough ignorant developers Discord will take any action necessary toward you and the rest of the developer community.


That’s it in the studio… Just a metatable.