TextBox.InputBegan does not fire for MouseButton1 unless repeatedly quickly clicking the text box

A detailed description - TextBoxes’ InputBegan events do not fire for MouseButton1 unless the user quickly repeatedly quickly clicks it. This should fire regardless of how many times the user clicks it.

Where it happens - This happens both in Studio and in-game.

When it happens - I first experienced it around May 28th, at 5:00 AM AST

Videos and images - The frame on the right turns black when my mouse button is down (UserInputService), but note that when I click one time, “Input began” with UserInputType.MouseButton1 does not print.

Reproduction Steps
This will reproduce the issue 100% of the time:

1- Create a TextBox.InputBegan listener.
2- Observe the event does not fire unless you repeatedly quickly click the text box.

Repro file:
text box.rbxl (40.0 KB)

We were able to reproduce your issue. We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!

Thanks for the report!