TextBox's FocusLost event always returns false "enterPressed" argument when using Keyboard UI Navigation

When connecting to the TextBox’s FocusLost event, the enterPressed argument will always return false if the player is using Keyboard UI Navigation regardless if the textbox was escaped with enter or not. Escaping the textbox while not using keyboard navigation produces the normal expected result.

Reproduction Steps

  1. Activate Keyboard UI Navigation normally using “\
  2. Select a TextBox with the overlay and press Enter to focus
  3. Release focus of the TextBox by pressing Enter again

Any scripts listening to this event will see the first argument return false despite the second argument (inputThatCausedFocusLoss) acknowledging the input’s keycode was Enum.KeyCode.Return.


(The overlay is an external tool to help convey input.)

FalseEnterPressedRepro.rbxl (147.2 KB)

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Thanks for the report! I filed a ticket in our internal database.