TextButton is behind the frame

I am making a dance GUI and I have an issue with one of the textbuttons. From the image below, you can tell it is selected but it is layered behind the GUI. How can I put it in front of the GUI?

(I cannot put it on the scrolling frame because I don’t want it to scroll when the player scrolls)


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Have you tried changing the ZIndex property of the text button? ZIndex determines what other components the button can overlap, sort of like setting its height above the screen. If you change the ZIndex of the text button to be higher than that of the frame, it should show up.

It worked. nice and simple, thank you!

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Hey i need help. i want textbuttons to work on Frames that are parented to a SurfaceGui that are parented to a Part
For example if i make a Text button on a frame that is a descendant of a part, if i try it just won’t result on any output although i scripted it correctly.