TextButton.Activated not working as intended

Hey there, for whatever reason I can never seem to get .Activated to work properly on TextButtons or ImageButtons.

Some background information:
This is running in a module script called by the client, the GUI is inside StarterGui

What you see below is a result of some debugging.

local Clone = self.GUI.MultipleTypes.Content.Template:Clone()
Clone.Parent = self.GUI.MultipleTypes.Content
local function test()
	self.GUI.MultipleTypes.Visible = false
	return i


Instead of using Activated use MouseButton1Up

The issue with this is its not cross platform capable, I am making this game for multiple platforms and as such need to use .Activated to detect when it is used on any platform. I can confirm that MouseButton1Click works fine but it wont for my purposes.

You can use Clone.Purchased.MouseButton1Up:Connect(test)

MouseButton1Up also works for andriod and IOS

Not on Xbox last time I checked, and this is intended for all platforms.

It seems to be activated whenever you activate it, but it only fires when UserInputState is Ended?

Just tested it works fineā€¦

Outdated me

Oh great! Hope you have a wonderful day,