TextChatService events not firing. Proper usage?

I am trying to experiment with all the methods and functions the TextChatService can offer.
However, this guide doesn’t go over the more interesting usages. It only goes over .OnMessageRecieved! What about .SendingMessage? .MessageRecieved?

I want to know how to properly use them. Some of them look like they can take return values to continue the operation, like .OnMessageRecieved allows you to intercept the message and modify it. What about modifying a message before its sent? As its being sent? How would you connection the functions and use them?

I tried making a local and server script for .MessageReceived and .SendingMessage but neither work. Regardless if i spawned 2 players.

I ESPECIALLY want to attach a payload to the message and send it. Like a table or sorts. It would allow devs to create player references to player creations if they are able to condense their tables and allow a player to send their table to others simply by referencing them in chat

All help is appreciated

I have the same issue and came here for an answer… There’s no answer :frowning:

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