TextChatService Gradients, but animated

With the release of TextChatService long ago, I never had a reason to use it because the original Chat Service was still working. However, after recently wanting to create a Chat Tag System for a game I am working on, I noticed that the OG Service no longer works and is fully deprecated. I then went onto the Documentation for TextChatService, TCS, to see if there was a way to create an instance (UIGradient) within the messages that get sent.

The problem is, it’s currently (to my knowledge), impossible to be able to create the goal of a animated gradient, compared to how the OG Chat was.

If anyone has found a post/script that has this capability, please link me to it.

I am not looking for a non-moving gradient tag that IS possible. I’m looking to make gradient tags that are capable of being animated with a UI Gradient