TextChatService is now the default for new experiences!

It was always allowed; the old chat did have a character limit though.

Interesting, I never saw it before. Is it possible that it did cut off, meaning it did not obscure other messages

I’m not sure, but my best guess is that those characters couldn’t be displayed by the font, or like you said, where it cuts off.

No way, I didn’t know about this.

I know why it happens, I was pointing out that it can be an issue.

I’ve been running into quite a massive problem with the new TextChatService in my game called RE:KL ( Re: Kingdom Life (Chat fixes) - Roblox )

I’ve managed to solve the bubblechat UI overlapping overhead character bio’s, but a new problem arose soon enough! Sometimes the chat bubbles do not appear at all over a player’s head, or they appear but only for a split second. I’m sure you can imagine how infuriating this can feel for players in a roleplaying game.

For example, in the image below, this player has just typed 4 message in a row before taking the image.

As you can see, there are no chat bubbles. For some players they work, for some they don’t.

The game uses streamingenabled.
I love the new chat system and this problem doesn’t occur with the old one. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what I could try? I am willing to provide more info if that would help. Thanks!

Do you run any unconventional character loading logic (i.e. messing with .CharacterAdded and reloading characters, turning CharacterAutoLoads off, adding custom character rigs, etc)?

At most I weld things to the player during run-time, but nothing too major or massive. This bug doesn’t always happen either, and when it happens it only does to some select people.

At the moment I’m running a few tests with the original chat in place to see if it happens as well.

I think this is a bug with the new update, this only happened recently. Whenever I press the / key, even when the TextBox isn’t focused, it still puts a / as the first character when it should be blank when you focus the TextBox using the key. If I click the box with my mouse, this doesn’t happen, hopefully this update will be fixed, and as another suggestion, could you please create a function that clears the chat window like /cls.


Hi, I’m having trouble replicating this issue on my end (with StreamingEnabled), do you also have any chat related modifiers (for example in the screenshot I don’t see a chat input bar or chat window), or any changes to chat bubble appearance distance?

Please check this post for more information, but basically a fix is on the way and it was caused by a recent change to input processing.

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Love this update, before when this was brand new i did not like it, but now with all the bug fixes I love it! Keep up the good work guys!

I put in a feature request on this BETA, and wondering is it filed internally and what’s the timeline on it because this feature could be really used in all types of games not just mine.


We’re currently aligning on finalizing UI/UX for channel tabs and also parallelizing some higher priority, frequently requested support on other developer requested features such as increased bubble chat customization, cleaner NPC text support, and various small quality of life requests mentioned in this and other posts.


TextChatService Bug Report

Putting my reports here as suggested in New In-Experience Text Chat System Public Release! - #285 by SubtleShuttle.

These issues have only been in my game ever since I moved over to the new TextChatService.

[Bubble Chat]

These are the main issues I’ve had with the chat which have been ongoing issues for a while now.

Thank you for the screen captures, we’re prioritizing investigating this issue.


Adding on to this, I have had a report from a player that bubble chat messages are not disappearing at all. I’ll edit if I uncover more details.

Based on the response that I received here, there are some things that I would like to see as a feature added.

In the legacy LUA chat system, I had the ability to restrict commands to specific channels so only those players who were in those channels could execute them. This is in addition to what permissions the player has. So an admin or moderator could /kick a player, but only from the admin channel. It also provided a private channel for moderators and admins to talk to each other. Now it’s just strictly player permissions, which I guess is ok.

Another feature that I would like to see (others have requested this as well), is a flag in the command definition instance to make the command case-insensitive. So /cOmmAND is the same as /command which is also the same as /COMMAND.

Beyond that, I’m going to have to do a rethink on how my command architecture is setup.

If you look at the code to my game, I am using non-player speakers for server generated announcements. The announcements alert players to when someone was killed, who killed them, with what weapon, etc… It also alerts the players when someone enters the game, if a player gets an arm or leg taken off, falls to their death, or dies due to some environmental factor (like trying to swim in lava). So until that actually gets added, I cannot migrate over to the new system.

As for the system messages, I’m working on that. But what @SubtleShuttle mentioned below is an issue:

The problem with that example is that we are not allowed to know the age of the player. Because of this, we cannot make that distinction. Is this going to change in the future? Will there be a new parameter for us to indicate an age range so Roblox can maintain user privacy? System messages and system messages and are important for a reason. The indicate important status changes in the server. Therefore they should be broadcast to all players on the server regardless of their age. Having it on a per-client basis is asinine. I can see a per-client basis of having messages from a a non-player speaker, but not system messages.

I’ve noticed that bright violet color doesn’t match up in the new system, can you please provide the new colors or is there a function to get the color for a players name.

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Any updates on customizable bubble chat for specific chat channels? I am specifically asking for this level of customization on individual team chats and whispers. For example, I would want the green team to have their team chat bubble color to be light green. Blue team should have their team bubble chat color be light blue and so on.


Is there a way to get a sending clients message before it reach’s the server and sink it? The new command system could be handy but it’d prefer not to be forced to use it. Especially with the fact that it is case sensitive and it forces me to replicate commands the client isn’t permitted to use.

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