TextChatService's Command.Triggered fires on the client but not the server when a command is invoked

Reproduction Steps

type /super in chat and you’ll get a response from the client but nothing will happen on the server
CommandsDemo.rbxl (38.4 KB)

Expected Behavior

as shown in this demo video posted in the TextChatService announcement, the character is supposed to grow in size

Actual Behavior

client indicates the command has been run but the server doesn’t do anything because Command.Triggered doesn’t fire

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Other
Impact: Moderate
Frequency: Constantly
Date Last Experienced: 2022-06-18 00:06:00 (-04:00)

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Thanks for the report. We noticed this as well and are prepared to turn on a patch for this early next week!


Following up, this should be fixed as of a few minutes ago. Let us know if the issue persists.