Texteditable refuses to disable itself

I’m trying to disable the texteditable feature to not let the in-game players edit the text inside a textbox.

I’ve disabled the texteditable feature on all of the textboxes in my GUI but once I go and test it in studio, I can still edit it while in player mode. I do not have any clue on what to do.

I might be just stupid and missed something, but I’ve tried everything my brain could come up with but nothing works. I do not want to really include any scripts in my GUIs, what would do the job. It should be possible in properties.

If you’re just trying to make a non-editable TextBox, you can use a TextLabel. The point of a TextBox is for players to edit it for Search bars and such.


I disabled the texteditable property and tested it in Play mode in studio,
I couldn’t edit the text in the Text Box.

Although the text temporarily changes to " " after Focus Lost,
the text changes back to the original Placeholder text thus was not edited.

You probably expected the text to change back to the Text, whereas it changes back to the Placeholder text not the regular Text, if the texteditable property is set to false.

Difference :


the lower one is the Text.

The text will change back to the Placeholder text .